Seoul, Korea
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on another note…

if any of you are looking for jobs and want tips and tricks in job interviews… or if u want to know how to get a good job in korea.. working in korea… just come ask me any time. I would be happy to help since you guys helped me! i’ve done too many interviews and failed at some, so im pretty sure i can give good answers ;; orz 

Anonymous asked, ❝I didn't read your post bc it was really long and I'm really tired. But I love you and hope that everything turns out okay. I believe in you! Follow your heart! Do stuff and do it well!

aww you didnt have to message me but thank you that you did anyway!!! ^^ yup i will follow my heart ㅎㅎㅎㅎ i hope you have a great day!!!!

Anonymous asked, ❝This is just my way of thinking, and it might be totally different from you or anybody else out there but you go to college in order to study so that in life, after college you get a good job. If you currently really enjoy your job rn and it pays well, then I really think you should take this year off, focus on your job, explore Korea, get even more settled in and then enroll for school again. And if it's harder to enroll, then use your spare time to refresh your brain once in a while~

thats the same way i think LOL. i even asked my boss for advice and he thinks i should just work for now and save up money to go to college later. and since i speak english and korean fluently its really a plus when looking for jobs, hence why i got a job so easily… i think im gonna stick with my decision to wait a year.. but im really afraid to voice it to my mom who has a totally different mindset… but im gonna try anyhow. Thanks these advices really do help me think.!!