Seoul, Korea
A+ and Inspirit


Anonymous asked, ❝have u met tumblr user hogays aka lydia in seoul yet i kno ur her friend!!!!

NO WE HAVENT MET ;_; we havent found the time ;;;;; we’re so close yet so far away

Anonymous asked, ❝have u ever tried putting eye makeup? i feel like you'd be super pretty if u did!!!

um actually i never tried eye makeup in my life by myself lolol. only if someone put it on me ;;;;; i went to the eye doctor for a check up and he told me I have one of the cleanest eyeballs ever and i was like uh thanks :3

Anonymous asked, ❝did u do double eyelid surgery on ur eyes?? they're pretty big O__O

no they’re natural omg lmao

i think i change my hair color way too often but….who cares :3
also got bangs~ again lol

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