hi there


hiatus, again~!!

see yah when i see yah~~!!
the next time u hear from me will probably be when im in korea (:

izumifura asked, ❝Since when does listening to music have an age limit? Just listen to it and enjoy~
Anonymous asked, ❝Why do you have to make your blog beautiful before you leave??

i might not be on for a long time and i want it looking dongwoo beautiful ^^

Anonymous asked, ❝i just saw your conversation on my dash and uhh, i hope you don't mind if i say something, too? to all the fans worrying about their age - i'm 22 and still pretty young in japanese fandom, most of the fans here are like 40+? i even met 60 yo lady at jaejoong's concert, so. age is just a number, keep calm and just enjoy your music. ♥
Anonymous asked, ❝I've just came online and seen that some fans are worried about their age. Its my birthday today and i've just turned 26 and i LOVE K-pop and not ashamed to admit it. Just do what you make you happy, at the end of the day it's only music ^^

yup ^^^^^^^^